“Trust in Me” is a song written by Ned Wever, Milton Ager, and Jean Schwartz.It was first popularized by Mildred Bailey in 1937, charting at #4. It was subsequently revived by Eddie Fisher. His recording was released by RCA Victor Records . It reached the Billboard magazine Best Seller chart on February 1, 1951, its only week on the chart, at #29 . Another version was recorded in 1951 by Louis Jordan on Decca Records.Yet another revival was made by Etta James in 1961. The Etta James recording peaked on the charts at #30.

This is a strong love song.

“Come on daddy face the future. Why don’t you smile? Trust in me, and I’ll be worthy of you… have the faith that I have in you… We can get along if only you trust in me.”

Had my iPod on shuffle today and this song came on. Now I know that Etta James doesn’t agree with beyoncé interpretation of this one. And when listen to the Etta’s version one can understand why. Etta sounds so real, so tormented and in love. Begging for the only thing that can keep a relationship going. That unconditional trust. The one that takes people down the aisle. Much love to all of the couples that put their faith there. I can cry to this one.

Etta James