Everyday I open my eyes I think of people close to me who have died, suddenly.

It hurts.

It keeps the little life I live in perspective.

So when people roll their eyes when I say “at least we are living” it makes me wonder if they realize that everyday, every moment is not promised.

Last night I met people who instead of looking positively at bad situation turned good, preferred to dwell in anger. To the point that when I mentioned the luck that we all have to be alive, to do what what we do and that things actually turned out ok, it upset them even more. I’m sorry but I refuse to give in to that type of reaction. Not saying that I didn’t regret causing stress and not saying that I don’t get upset. But if some situation is “over my head”, “out of my reach” and somehow things turn out right. I’m the type a chick who rather have a glass of good wine, smile and try to let go and relax. 

Life is way to short.