• Soul Food: China Moses - Time

The first time I heard about China Moses was back in 1997 when her self-title album came out. Her groove was intoxicating. Her smile was simply communicative. France was not familiar with her yet but was with her mom, the jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater. “Time” hit hard on the airwaves and it was the beginning of a nice adventure for China. She decided , like her mom in the past, to embrace France. But her first solo album was very international getting production from the UK and Sweden if I do remember. That album was on heavy rotation in my playlist. It was a precursor for the French R&B movement in France. From that moment I decided to follow her career. And even if for a time, you could see her more on tv (she works as a journalist for MTV France) than the airwaves I’m glad she decided to make a comeback to her first love, the music, with a tribute jazz album to Dinah Washington.