For this episode of "Made In China", I didn't make a "special" playlist based on a special voice. This time I chose to make a selection "Just Because", just because I wanted to listen to those beautiful voices and artists.


Pour cette émission je n'ai pas fait une playlist spéciale. J'ai fait une sélection "Just Because", parce que j'avais envie d'écouter ces voix et ces artistes, tout simplement !


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1.     Courtney Pine feat. Omar - Rules / Black Notes From the Deep (Freestyle Records, 2017)

2.     Marcus Strickland feat. Christie Dashiell - Let’s Wait a while / Supreme Sonacy (Blue Note Records, 2015)

3.     Sandra Nkake - Dreamin’ / Tangerine Moon Wishes (Riot/jazz Village, 2017)

4.     Johnny O’Neal - Travellin’ Light / In the moment (Smoke Session Records, 2017)

5.     Nai Palm  - Atoll / Needle Paw (Sony, 2017)

6.     Keyon Harold Gary Clark Jr. - Circus / The Mugician (KeyonBeyond Music 2017)

7.     Nicole Atkins - Darkness Falls So quiet / Goodnight Rhonda Lee (Single Lock Records 2017)

8.     Sinne Egg Thomas Fonnesbaek - Evil Gal Blues / Egg Fonnesbaek (Stunt/Sundance Records, 2015)

9.     Ernie Halter - Love No Limit / Acoustic Throwback Ninties Rhythm and Blues (Grateful King, 2015)

10.  Stokley  - We/Me / Introducing Stokley (Concord Music Group, 2017)

11.  Kelly Green - Simple Feelings/The Truth / Life Rearranged (Kgmusic, 2017)